Most people who play First Person Shooters play them for the main purpose of shooting things with guns.
But what about the weapons that don’t require you to pull a trigger, shouldn’t they get some love too?

The following is a list of weapons you can use in a variety of FPS games that are not classified as a gun.

Just to be clear any weapon can make it on this list so long as it is not a device that has acts as a gun. So Bows And Arrows are in.

#10 Slapping: 007 Goldeneye N6

While not technically a ‘Weapon’ per se slapping people in Goldeneye was so effective that some people even host tournaments with this game and a “Slappers Only” challenge 

#9 Ballistic Knife: Call Of Duty Black Ops

While I rarely ever used this item during the Single Player Campaign during the multiplayer more specifically during the Sticks & Stones wager matches this weapon was a beast. It was neck and neck with the Tomahawk but the Ballistic Knife just narrowly beats it out with its dual wielding.

#8 James Bond’s Watch 007 The World Is Not Enough/ 007 Nightfire

This game truly made you feel like James Bond. From the voice acting by Judi Dench to the bombastic action, this game had it all.
Though one of my favorite weapons in this game wasn’t a gun, it was James’ watch.
This watch is equipped with a stun gun, a tranquilizer dart, a laser, and even a grappling hook.

#7 Skyhook: Bioshock Infinite

Booker Dewit’s means of transportation throughout Columbia is also his best melee weapon. This grappling hook doubles as a face shredder that is totally merciless when it is used in combat.

#6 Monkey Bomb: Call Of Duty Zombies

This little wind-up toy packs a big punch. After a few wind-ups, you throw it at the ground and all Zombies nearby will stop whatever they are doing and get close to it only for it to blow up in their faces.

#5 Explosive Crossbow: Call Of Duty Black Ops

This crossbow used in Call Of Duty Black Ops’ Multiplayer as the primary weapon in Sticks And Stones has its arrows equipped with an explosive device that will detonate a few seconds after impact.

#4 Energy Sword: Halo

While I think it might be one of the most overrated weapons of all time, I can’t deny how much fun it is to use.  Tearing down your opponents with one hit of this sword will make you feel like the ultimate badass.

#3 Plasmids/ Vigors: Bioshock Series

These supernatural abilities that you are granted in the Bioshock games are so much fun to use, it’s just a shame that they consume so much energy. Other than that though they are a blast to use.

#2 Kill Star: Far Cry3: Blood Dragon

This Laser that you attach to your arm has infinite ammo and a relatively fast recharge timer. It truly feels like an ultimate superweapon that you earn towards the end of Farcry 3 Blood Dragon’s campaign.

Honorable mentions

Drill: Bioshock 2

While the appeal of playing as a big daddy caught the attention of many fans of the original Bioshock, the insanely fast rate at which you consume fuel made it feel more like a chore to use than a joy.

Killstreaks: Call Of Duty

While these don’t technically count as guns they do offer you a means of dispatching your enemies. I couldn’t pick just one so I’m just lumping them in all right here.

#1 T.M.D. Time Manipulation Device.: Singularity 

This watch is just insane. With it, you can tear holes in the fabric of space and time, age people to dust, turn people into mutants, inject them with so much energy that they turn into a time bomb, shoot a giant time bubble to slow down everything it comes in contact with, and even shoot a horizontal beam of death that slices through enemies like tissue paper. 
The only thing this watch can’t do is tell time (go figure)

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